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Performance Nutrition

Translating the science of sports nutrition into practical advice

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Nutrition is integral to an athletes performance whether that be during training or competition and at every level.  Fuelling correctly for endurance not only helps you be the best you can be but is essential to finishing what you've set out to do.


As an athlete, what you eat and drink is not only a fuel source but helps the body adapt to training, aids recovery and ensures good health to prevent illness and injury.


Using the skills of a Registered Sports Dietitian, PND Consulting can assess your current diet and provide bespoke nutrition plans based on your own requirements and what you want to achieve.


Why you may choose to work with a Sports Dietitian is highly individual but here are a few reasons why previous clients have sought out the services of PND Consulting:





What is performance nutrition?


" If you're looking for advice on achieving your weight or dietary goals and particularly if you're preparing for an event or expedition I would definitely recommend PND Consulting."

Benno Rawlinson - Atlantic Ocean Rower 2013 & Marathon des Sables 2011


Optimise body composition - bulk up, lose body fat

Improve performance time and ranking

Finish an ultra race

Physical issues such as fighting fatigue, low blood sugars

Meal plans and race packs for multi-day endurance events

Presentations & workshops on specific sports nutrition topics

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